Affiliate Marketing Overview For Beginners

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Here you’ll discover free training on how to start making money online as an affiliate marketer. If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, or haven’t been at it long, then this is definitely for you.

Now, there are 8 modules in this training so, rather than one very long page, I’ve split it into separate pages, one for each module. You can click to your next module at the end of each page…

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing has made people millionaires

If you’re a complete beginner looking to make money online, then the best option for you is undoubtedly affiliate marketing, which is a tried and trusted performance-based marketing system.

It has the lowest barrier to entry of any business model because it’s easy to learn and master, you don’t have to be an expert, and there’s little or no investment to get started. So it’s absolutely ideal for a beginner like yourself.

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where vendors / merchants pay a performance-based commission to affiliates (you) for promoting their products and services online.

By joining an affiliate program then promoting offers / products to your website visitors and/or an email marketing list, you get paid a commission from the vendor / merchant every time someone purchases one of their products via your website or email list.

In other words, you get paid for introducing and bringing ‘buyers’ to ‘sellers.’  When they buy, you get paid a commission.  So, for example, if a visitor to your website buys a $50 product, and the product pays 75% commission, you’ll make $37.50. Not too shabby, right?

But here’s the great part — you don’t have to do any selling; the vendor does that. All you have to do is ‘warm-up’ the prospect, for example, by reviewing then recommending a product. You don’t even need to have bought the product yourself, although it’s usually best if you do because your review will be that much more genuine.

And you don’t have to meet prospects face-to-face. You don’t have to call them. You don’t have to take any orders. You don’t bill them. You don’t deal with their queries. All that’s taken care of by the vendor, that’s their job. You just collect the commissions!

All you have to do is simply introduce interested people to the product on your website and have a way (a clickable link) of conducting them from your website to the vendor’s website where they can then purchase the product for which you get paid a commission. And it all happens online without you having to do anything else.

Affiliate marketing is a business that has the ability to be repeatable and scalable once you develop a system that has given you results.  Once you have the pieces in place you can then duplicate and re-use those promotions over and over again.  By cloning your promotions you will have created a system you can use to make you money virtually anytime you want.

This performance-based marketing business model is one of the easiest ways for beginners to start generating an income and build an online business, even while still holding down a day job.  There is no or little investment needed to start-up and you don’t need to be an expert to get going.

To a beginner, this may sound too good to be true, but you really can run a business from a laptop anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Examples of Performance-Based Payouts

Here are just a few examples of the commission payment model and how it works.

  • An Amazon affiliate writes a review of the Kindle Fire tablet on his or her website, and includes affiliate links that takes site visitors to Amazon. When those visitors buy a Kindle Fire, the affiliates makes a commission.
  • An eBay affiliate places live auction listings of relevant products on their website, and each time their site visitors clicks on one of those listings and make a purchase on eBay the affiliate earns a commission.
  • An affiliate builds a website about photography and regularly posts various tips and guides about the topic. In the sidebar of his site they place banner ads promoting Canon cameras as a Best Buy affiliate. Each time someone clicks on that banner and makes a purchase on Best Buy, they earn a commission.
  • A tech blogger writes a review of the latest Apple MacBook, and places an affiliate link to Apple’s website within the review. Each time someone clicks on that link and buys a MacBook, or anything else at Apple’s store, the affiliate earns a commission.
  • An email marketer sends an offer to their list for a new premium WordPress theme. Each subscriber that clicks on the offer link and purchases the theme earns the affiliate a commission.

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