4 Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website From Your YouTube Videos

Image for driving traffic from YouTube.If you want to get traffic to your website, YouTube is a great resource because almost everyone goes there to watch videos,

And, if you create good videos, you definitely have a chance of being discovered. But if you can create something amazing or awesome you might even have a chance of going viral.

But how do you direct people to your website from your video on YouTube? Here are four ways that you can do that without annoying your viewers.

Ask them in the video to go to your website!

A simple way to get people to come to your website from your YouTube video is to simply ask them. If you are the one speaking in the video, just ask them to visit your site, directly, right into the camera.

A personal invitation like this can be hard to resist and, if you do it right — by giving them a compelling reason to visit your website — you can get a lot of people landing on your website.

Insert your website URL in the on-screen graphics.

The second way is to use the on-screen graphics to direct people to your website. You don’t say anything at all if you don’t want to.

Instead, simply put your website URL in the on-screen graphics and, of course, give them that compelling reason to type the URL into a new tab.

Remember, the URL link may not be clickable (although you can make it clickable by adding an invisible box) so you’re going to have to really sell them on the idea of visiting your website. If you can come up with a really great reason you’ll have traffic in no time.

Put your website URL in the video description.

Another simple way is to put your website URL directly in the description of the video. Of course, not everyone reads the full video description, so make sure to put your website URL at the very beginning of your description. That is, even before you write any descriptive text at all.

That way your viewers can see the link without needing to click the ‘show more’ button. And if the video is enticing enough (if it isn’t why would you bother making it at all?) a good portion of viewers will click on it and go directly to your site.

Put Your URL in the video annotations.

Finally, you can put your website information in video annotations. The annotations are clickable so you can put your URL there and people can follow the link to your website.

Again, you need to give them a reason to click on it which means that you’ll have to put some text around it to make it really enticing.

So, there you have it…four simple ways to drive traffic from your YouTube video to your website. So, don’t be shy, take action and give it a go!