List Building: Branding & Giving People a Reason to Sign-Up

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Building your email list is a vital part of growing a thriving business online. Your list is the number one key thing you should focus on to grow your business– period. It doesn’t matter which business or niche you’re in specifically, every business can benefit from having a list. This is something you should start … Read more

How to Write Incredible Product Review Content

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Writing product reviews is a wonderful way to earn money as an affiliate. Product reviews are an in-depth way to affirm your position as a thought-maker in your niche, secure search engine traffic, and make good money as an affiliate. You’ll incorporate your knowledge of writing pre-selling content to write fantastic product reviews. There are … Read more

How to Write Great Pre-Selling Content

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As someone running affiliate marketing promotions, it’s very important that you learn how to write pre-selling content. So many marketers assume that the sale is in the bag because the product they’re promoting has a great sales page. Really, it’s up to you as the affiliate to use your relationship with your readers to get … Read more

The Many Benefits of Paid Traffic

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There are so many different ways to get traffic. Honestly, it’s all a little exhausting sometimes. What’s the right and wrong way to do it? I’ll save you some strife and aggravation right now—there’s no “right” way to get traffic. It’s most often beneficial to have several methods of driving traffic at one time. With … Read more