The 3 Major Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Business

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Over one billion people visit YouTube each and every month which is why anyone in business should consider including it in their marketing strategies or campaign. YouTube processes well over 3 Billion searches in a month which makes it the second largest search engine and the third most visited website worldwide after Google and Facebook. … Read more

How to Use Keywords to Improve Search Engine Optimization

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Getting a website to rank at the very top of the search engines is a truly effective marketing technique for acquiring customers because a lot of people are proactively searching online for a product, or a solution to a problem. Should they discover your website, when they’re searching online for that product or solution, then … Read more

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

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Let’s start with a definition of “shiny object syndrome” I found on… “Shiny Object Syndrome is the tendency for someone to get distracted by new thoughts and ideas, their own and others, and never focus or complete anything. In effect, the internet marketer is in such a state of constant distraction that they continually … Read more