Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging

Image for Beginner's Guide to Guest BloggingOther people have the traffic you want. It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. Here you are, writing great posts and content and really working hard to deliver to your audience.

But, you look around you and no one is paying attention to what you’re doing. It’s a fact of being a blogger or marketer on the web, honestly. It can be really hard to get anyone to pay attention to you, especially in the beginning.

Heck, it can be hard to get anyone to pay attention to what you’re doing, writing, and promoting even if you’re a seasoned marketer. They always say, “build it and they will come…” but it doesn’t really work that way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or really experienced, you have to try hard to get traffic. You have to keep up with new methods of getting traffic and evergreen methods of getting traffic alike.

I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to get people in your audience to pay attention to you. You’re jealous of the traffic others in your niche are getting and wish you could do something to start to funnel that traffic your way.

If only that were possible…

Well, it is possible. You can leverage the traffic other people have. You can connect with their audience to win them over.

The best part is, those high traffic getters are going to willingly hand their traffic over to you.

I know—it seems like a long shot, right?

It’s not. What I’m talking about is actually a seasoned and celebrated strategy. It’s one of those evergreen traffic-getting methods I hinted at earlier.

It really surprises me that more people either don’t know about this method or don’t use it to its full effect. It’s one of the smartest things you can do to easily get more traffic and more recognition in a niche, whether you’ve been present in your niche for years or you’re brand new to it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about guest blogging.

What Is Guest Blogging?

You’ve written blog articles for yourself. Now, you’re going to write blog articles for others. You’re going to write blog articles that those high trafficked and popular marketers you admire so much are going to post on their web properties.

Lets say there’s a really popular blog in your niche. This blog is regularly visited by thousands of people in your niche every day.

What you can do is approach that blogger or marketer. Pay attention to their style and their audience. Do you have a different approach you could share with their audience? Do you have a method, strategy, or information their audience would find interesting? If you have then you can ask them if they would accept a guest post from you.

How to Do Guest Posting

Approach that blogger and offer to write something for their audience. You can give them full rights to use the exclusive content you write or create for them.

Focus on what they get out of the deal—free, original content they get to use on their site. The way you get someone to work with you is by focusing on what’s in it for them.

In exchange, you’ll get an author’s resource box that will go at the end of your article. This will link back to a page on your website. This could be a blog post or something like that. What I really recommend is that you link to a page that has an opt-in form on it, such as a squeeze page.

You don’t want people to click the link and read an article of yours once and never again. You want them to click the link and sign up for your list so you can tell them about your content, products, promotions, etc. You want them on your list so you can start to build a lasting relationship with them.

So, link to a squeeze page (or whatever) at the end of your article. Tell people they can find more information and a free gift at the link. Give a call to action so they’ll go ahead and click that link.

Are you starting to see why this is such a great strategy? Both you and the other marketer get something great out of it. You can get instant access to an audience you wouldn’t have been able to get in front of otherwise.

How To Find A Blog To Write A Guest Post For

It’s definitely worth noting that some bloggers and marketers want nothing to do with this. For whatever reason, they want every post on that site to be their own. It might be that their audience only responds to posts they personally write.

But, don’t give up hope. For every 10 who say “no,” 1 or 2 or more may say yes. That’s all you need. Rinse and repeat.

You can start by taking a look at some of the most popular blogs in your niche. Look through their archives. Does it seem like they sometimes have guest bloggers? This could signal that they will accept you as a guest blogger. Remember—many bloggers love to have guest posters but very few ask them. The worst they can say is no.

You can also do some searches in Google. Search for, “your niche guest blogger” or “your niche submit a post” or “your niche contributors wanted.”

Try different keyword variations. Be smart in the way you search. Look through the links and see if any are a good fit for you.

Make a list of the blogs you think will give you an opportunity to guest post (and even those you’re not sure of).

Then, start personally contacting the blog owners. Don’t send out a form letter—make it personal. Get to know their blog and style first. Start commenting on their blog after you read their current content. Show them that you’re an active participant and they’ll be a lot more likely to let you submit a guest post.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest posting can be very effective as a method of getting traffic. There are so many benefits here.

For one thing, you’ll get the benefit of getting backlinks in Google. That can help improve your SEO and ensure that your site ranks more highly.

You’ll also get right in front of their active audience. This is a great thing, because it can help you get instant traffic.

Having your articles on blogs as a guest blogger can also help build your authority in your niche. Being everywhere in your niche is a great way to showcase your authority. The more places people see you and your wisdom on the web, the more likely they are to seek you out and stick around.

Make A Plan And Schedule For Guest Blogging

Please don’t just dismiss this as a nice strategy that you’ll try “someday.” Make a plan for it. Make a list of blogs you’d like to guest post for. Start contacting bloggers and setting up a schedule.

Then, get to work writing great content for the posts and getting targeted traffic through guest blogging.