Can You Earn a Full Time Income as an Affiliate Marketer?

Iamage for how to earn a full time income as an affiliate marketer.I’ve no doubt you have pretty big goals as an affiliate but, hopefully, you’ll have really specific goals in mind too. If you don’t yet, it’s time to start. And start by knowing exactly how much you want to earn as an affiliate and by when.

So give yourself an objective. By when do you want to earn $1,000 a month? By when do you want to earn $3,000+ a month? which is the number that many people consider to be a “full time” income.

Getting to a Full Time Income as an Affiliate Marketer

There are several different ways you can get to a full time income as an affiliate marketer…

Promote Digital Products

Promote other people’s digital products, e.g. ebooks, videos, software, etc. Choose a profitable niche that has an abundance of great digital products in it, then set up a review website where you’ll review and “promote” one or more of those niche products.

You can also work as an affiliate in several different niches at the same time. In fact, that can be a good thing to do over time because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

You’ll also want to build an email list by giving away a valuable free offer (ebook, video, software, etc.) on your website in exchange for an email address. Your email list is absolutely critical to you getting to a full time income.

Promote Physical Products

You can promote physical products. Set up a blog where you can become an expert in your niche. Make your blog so interesting and valuable to the people in your niche that they’ll want to bookmark your blog, join your email list, and visit on a regular basis. Here again, building your email list is critical.

Sell Your Own Product(s)

Eventually, you might want to consider creating your own products within your niche. That way, you can have two income streams: your affiliate commissions from promoting other people’s products, plus, the income from the sales of your own product(s).

And note, as a product creator, you can get other affiliates to promote your product(s) for you too. So being an affiliate and a product creator can certainly help you get to a full time income more quickly.

Build Your List(s)

But remember, focus on building your list(s) both as an affiliate and a product creator. Nurture your list(s). Don’t sell in every email you send out. Build a trusting relationship by sending emails that teach and educate, that entertain, that add value. More than anything add value!

Put people first and think about what’s really going to help them and impact their lives in a positive way. Once they trust you, you can promote products via email that you know very well can provide a solution to their problems.

Stay Focused

Be careful though, you won’t be able to earn anything at all if you don’t take massive action and, at the same time, stay lazer-focused. Don’t start promoting one thing only to float away and start promoting something else if it doesn’t seem to be working in the first week or so. Follow through on your plan. Start earning real money in one niche before moving on to another.

Earning More By Promoting Recurring Income Products

You want to get to a full time income quickly… and with as little effort as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by promoting recurring income products. Recurring income products are those subscription products and services that customers get billed for every month (or however it’s set up by the product owner).

As an affiliate, you earn your commission from these products and services every month. It’s pretty remarkable, really. You do the work of finding the customer one time and then you get paid over and over again every time that recurring billing comes through.

Promote something once and get paid for it over and over again. If you put your effort into promoting products like these, then there’s a good chance you can work less and earn more from your efforts.

Get Started as An Affiliate Today

Get started earning from affiliate marketing quickly by taking this seriously and coming up with a game plan. Think about everything you’ve learned and create a schedule for yourself. Follow through with that schedule and you can work your way up to a full time income, perhaps faster than you might think.

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