How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

shiny object syndrome imageLet’s start with a definition of “shiny object syndrome” I found on

“Shiny Object Syndrome is the tendency for someone to get distracted by new thoughts and ideas, their own and others, and never focus or complete anything. In effect, the internet marketer is in such a state of constant distraction that they continually lose themselves in imagination and dreaming, instead of seeing the bigger picture and getting things done.”

In order to be successful in Internet Marketing you need a marketing strategy and plan that takes into consideration, among other things, the wants and needs of your target audience, the competition, market trends, up-to-date technologies, and so on. It should go without saying that this requires a lot of research, all of which takes time and some effort to get right.

Unfortunately, many Internet marketers want to make money fast, without putting in that time and effort because they’ve been told, and bought the hype, that making fast, passive income online is easy-peasy!

They’ve been sold on “shiny objects” that can make them millionaires overnight; things like cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics that will bring super-fast riches, if only they buy the product and implement what they learn right away.

Or, it’s the latest piece of software that, when purchased and downloaded will “Drive thousands of visitors to your website with credit cards in their hands ready to buy!”…and you just sit back and rake in the cash!

In order to hype-up these shiny objects the vendors highlight just how “brand new,” “cutting edge,” “exclusive,” “groundbreaking,” and “trendsetting” their products are. And they market them very well indeed, so much so that it’s extremely compelling, especially for a newbie in the Internet Marketing space, to want to use them.

But, while shiny objects may get the marketer excited — there’s always great energy and excitement about starting something new — and jump at the chance to use them, what really happens is that things get started right enough, but nothing ever gets finished because they are then attracted by the next shiny object and jump on that, then the next one, and the next, and so it goes on. Hence “shiny object syndrome.”

And, many hours and perhaps a lot of money are wasted in pursuit of the new, trendy, shiny object without having thought through whether this new software, technique, tactic, service, or product is a proper “fit” for their business.

So before jumping on the next great idea, strategy, tactic, concept, or software, take the time to consider the impact of it on your existing business.

I know from personal experience it’s hard not to get excited about every new concept that comes your way. But you are running a business, so consider the following:

  • Will it make a material difference to your bottom line and your customers’ experience? Don’t waste time on things that won’t move your business forward and improve your customer experience.
  • Before adding anything new to your marketing plan, make sure your current one is succeeding. If it isn’t, making changes without a clear understanding of why, will just result in even more disappointment.
  • How will the shiny object impact your current strategy? Is it congruent? Will it be a good fit for your existing customers and prospects?
  • What are your target audience’s problems, needs, desires? Will the shiny object, directly or indirectly, help provide the solution? And if it’s a product or service will they be willing to pay for it if it does?
  • Do you have the time, energy, and resources (including money) to implement it fully and maintain it going forward?

As an Internet marketer it’s absolutely vital to immunize yourself against “shiny object syndrome.” You are encouraged to use new ideas and concepts in your business, of course, but they must be thought through very carefully to ensure they only grow your business and not bring it to a grinding halt.

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