How to Write Content That People Will Actually Want to Read

Image for content people will want to read.One of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to blogging is knowing how to write content that people will actually want to read.

Note that this isn’t really about the way your write. Or at least that’s only part of the puzzle.

Instead, writing content that people will go out of their way to read is all about choosing exciting topics, giving them great titles, and knowing what it is that makes people click on that particular title.


‘Clickbait’ is basically any content that is designed to encourage clicks, even if it isn’t entirely honest in how it goes about that. Normally clickbait titles are purposefully provocative to get people to click on them.

For instance, you’ll see things like ‘You’ll Never Believe What Happens to This Woman in This Shocking Video!’ For most people the curiosity/promise of the title will elicit a click — even if the content they land on doesn’t live up to the promise in the headline and, even worse, the actual content has nothing to do with the headline.

Clickbait would be fine if the actual content, in so very many cases you see online, weren’t so lacking in accuracy and quality.

But clickbait can certainly generate plenty of visits to your website, that’s for sure. The problem is that, by its very nature, it lends itself to be misleading and, as such, can seriously damage your name / brand if you aren’t careful about how you use it.

The trick is to take what works about clickbait (the enticing headline) and use it in a more honest manner, i.e. deliver on the headline’s promise. In other words, if the headline promises “10 tips to transform your body” make sure you give them those 10 tips and that they do work.

The Right Type of Title

So let us ask ourselves: what is it about clickbait that makes it so successful? The answer is that it looks different, it looks extremely interesting, and it promises something unique/that you haven’t seen before.

And clickbait titles are even more successful thanks to the amount of duplicate or very similar content on the web. How many fitness sites have you visited where all the articles are on ’10 ways to get abs’ or ‘how to eat clean to lose weight’. This content is so derivative, we’ve all read it a thousand times!

The key, then, is to create enticing titles that lead to content that offers something genuinely interesting that people haven’t seen a thousand times before.

For a fitness site, that could look something like this:

‘How my fitness addiction nearly ruined my relationship and how I saved it just in time.’

‘Cardio acceleration: a new type of cardio fitness program that’s been clinically proven to burn 300%+ more fat.’

‘3 experts explain why bodybuilders are actually stronger than powerlifters.’

These sorts of titles are engaging and pretty unique but, what’s more, they’re also meaty and give you the opportunity to write some really great, in-depth stuff. That’s how you get clicks and build fans!

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