Affiliate Marketing Overview For Beginners

6. Adding Content to Your Website

content is king in affiliate marketing

In order to succeed as an affiliate you must have quality content. That does not mean you have to be a great writer or even that you have to do the writing yourself; you can always outsource it if you prefer.

The Internet runs on content. Nobody goes to a site that doesn’t have good content or doesn’t provide the information they’re looking for, at least not for very long.

The entire foundation of your affiliate marketing business is a topical (niche) website to which people with interest in that particular topic can go and get real value.

Focus on Quality Rather Than Keywords in Your Content

“Content” is everything that appears on your website; text, images, videos, etc., but, on balance, it’s the words and phrases in your content that will have the biggest bearing on your ability to attract targeted traffic (visitors) to your website.

“Keywords” is the name given to the words and phrases that people use to search for something on the Internet, for example “best exercises for seniors.”

In the past, search engines such as Google used keywords on a web page to determine what the page was all about and the number of times those keywords appeared on the page to determine how relevant that page was to a search enquiry using those keywords. It was actually much more complex than this, for example, backlinks from other websites was included in the calculation along with other markers, but you get the idea as far as content goes.

The problem with this was that many webmasters focused almost entirely on ensuring that their content included lots of references to the niche keywords that they were trying to rank for in Google, and not on the quality and depth of information that their site visitors were actually seeking.

The outcome was that many of the web pages served up by the likes of Google in their SERPs results (Search Engine Results Pages) for any given search term were sometimes poor or even very poor quality as far as the searcher was concerned.

However, search engines, particularly Google and Bing, have improved immensely and undergone profound changes in recent years. They are getting so much better at figuring out the most relevant, highest quality web pages for any given search term, and then presenting the searcher with those improved results in their SERPs.

So, in order to succeed today, the most important consideration is ‘Content Focus’ not ‘Keyword Focus’. Your content must focus on your readers and the topic you are writing about. Content optimization efforts should be applied to being descriptive & informative, using variations, synonyms, alternative phrases, alternative meanings, etc., and NOT focused on specific keywords that are repeated over and over in the content (keyword-stuffing).

For the most part, search engines are getting extremely good at understanding content quality, depth, and relevancy, and so don’t need to be force-fed keywords anymore. In fact, your website will be punished with much lower rankings, perhaps even be removed completely from their SERPs, if you use those outdated tactics today.

To summarize, you want your articles to be based on topics within your niche, rather than based on specific keyword phrases that you know people are using to search the Internet. Highly relevant, high quality content, now trumps keyword stuffing / focus.

Your Blog

The best way to add relevant content to your website is with a Blog. This will be where you will publish your posts and let people know about your business. At the same time, you can then combine this with a strong social media presence, heavy branding, and maybe even a YouTube channel, such that your audience can get to know you better.

Being successful at this is largely about posting regularly and offering real value to your readers. Don’t try and sell right away but, instead, spend your time building up trust and respect in your niche. Every time you publish a blog post, you should ask yourself: is this something you would read? Is it comprehensive, engaging and unique enough to stand out from all the other posts in this niche? Does it make you look like you really know your stuff?

This might all sound like a lot of work for a beginner and you might find the idea of becoming a thought leader to be nerve wracking. However it is very much worth it. The main reason for this, is that when you are an authority in your niche, you will not only be able to sell the one product – but really any relevant product that you subsequently want to. You’ll have a direct ‘route to market’ letting you directly reach thousands of buyers and they will always be happy and willing to take your advice.

This is the strategy that most affiliate marketers use to become truly wealthy but it does take a little longer. Note as well that if you’re going to use this strategy, you do need to think carefully about the quality of the products you recommend. If you promote substandard products too often you will lose the respect of your buyers and ultimately they’ll be unlikely to consider your future recommendations.

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