The Top 4 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make Which You Must Avoid

Image for Internet marketing mistakes.If you’re looking to make money with Internet Marketing, you should be aware that the statistics surrounding success or failure are pretty horrendous: more than 95% of people who try IM will fail and give up.

So, if you want to be part of the successful 5% pay close attention to the following top four mistakes. You really need to avoid these to have any hope of making money online.

Mistake #1: Believing in ‘gurus’ and ‘shiny objects.’

Internet Marketing is an industry in itself, and you’ll find many people who are positioning themselves as gurus and over-hyping products that promise to earn you thousands of dollars online while you sleep; shiny objects.

These people are not necessarily trying their best to help you succeed. Many are merely trying to sell you something, whether they believe in the product or not, and they’re doing a great job at it by focusing on people’s desperation to make money fast.

So do your due diligence before purchasing their products or signing up to their coaching programs. And don’t allow yourself to be steamrollered into buying something, there and then, simply because the “60% discount is for today only.”

If you don’t have a use for a ‘new’ piece of software or ‘new’ strategy / tactic at the time or in the near future, then it doesn’t make sense to buy something that may be (but you’re not sure) of use to you later on, just because of a limited time discount.

If it’s a great product that will definitely enhance your bottom line, then you can afford to buy it at the full price when you actually need it in your business and you’ve carried out your in-depth research into the vendor and their product.

Who knows, that could be 6 months, even a year or more, down the line. You shouldn’t commit scarce resources when you absolutely don’t need to. You’ll soon run out of money that way.

Mistake #2: Trying to sell things the first time you get in front of a prospect.

This will go contrary to what you perhaps believe, but you don’t try to sell things straight-off in Internet Marketing, rather, you try to ‘pre-sell’ or ‘position’ products. There’s a big difference between hardcore selling and pre-selling.

Overt selling tends to turn your audience off; nobody likes to be sold to. Do you? I certainly don’t. Do that and they’ll be off your website in a flash, never to return.

Pre-selling, meanwhile, involves thoughtful consideration on exactly how a product or service might benefit your target market and how you convey that through words, images, and even video on your website.

The most important thing in IM is to discover your potential customers’ wants, needs, and desires. Where are they in their life at that moment? What are they desperate for? Why?

If you can understand that, and can demonstrate that you understand, and you have a product (your own or an affiliate product) that has been proven to provide an answer / solution, then you don’t need to do any hard selling.

Remember, your potential customer is always asking themselves, “what’s in it for me?” It’s not the product (thing) they’re buying, it’s the tremendous benefit they’ll get from buying the product.

Mistake #3: Not following an action plan to completion.

If you sign up to a forum or buy an Internet Marketing course, you’ll find action steps for implementing what you’ve learned. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably read the action plan once and then forget about it, or only follow a bit of it. You may even think that you know a better way and start following that or adapting the original.

However, if you’re really serious about replacing your day job with passive income from the Internet, you should follow through on any action plan given to you by proven experts in their field. Remember, if people are already making money from it, you can too. Success leaves clues!

Mistake #4: Doing everything yourself.

When first starting out the tendency is to try to learn every facet of IM and to do everything yourself, usually to try to keep your spending down. And there certainly is a lot that you CAN do yourself, especially online.

The downside of this approach, though, is that it will stretch your timeline way into the future, so far in fact that many first-timers, not seeing any financial return for their strenuous efforts and long hours, actually give up.

In order to shorten the timeline and bring success much quicker you should think seriously about getting help from experts in their chosen fields, who can do the work better and faster than you can.

This is called ‘outsourcing’ (the people doing the work are called ‘freelancers’) and can be less costly than you may think. For example you can get people on Fiverr who’ll write articles, blog posts, design stunning graphics, produce videos, set-up websites, etc. for as little as $5!

Of course, there are other things that you might want to outsource that will cost a lot more. For example, you can get an Ebook written (your product perhaps?) for as little as $300 (depending on the number of words of course).

As well as Fiverr for the cheapest ‘gigs,’ there’s Upwork, Freelancer, Project4Hire, iFreelance, and many more. Just search online for “freelancers [the skill]”. For example “freelancers video production,” “freelancers article writing,” etc.

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