Using the Amazon Affiliate (Associate) Program for Passive Income

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Just one of the tens of thousands of products you can promote as an Amazon affiliate (Associate).

Amazon has a pretty incredible affiliate program (which they refer to as their “Associate Program” and affiliates as “Associates”). It’s a favorite of many online marketers for a reason.

Some affiliates focus on it pretty much exclusively, while others just use it here and there on blog posts and articles where it makes sense to do so.

The thing you should know upfront is that earning commissions with physical products on Amazon isn’t like earning commissions with digital products through affiliate networks like Clickbank and JVZoo.

Amazon doesn’t pay out the 50% to 70% commissions that are common with those types of digital networks. Instead, with Amazon, you’re going to earn a pretty small portion of each sale – just 4% to 10% depending on the product category.

That can hardly seem worth it at first glance, but don’t be put off — as well as earning a commission on the product you’ve promoted to a prospect when they buy it on Amazon, you can earn additional commissions on any other products they buy at the same time.

So you can earn on someone’s entire CART, not just your promoted product. For example, let’s say you send a prospect from your website to Amazon and they end up buying a total of 10 different products; you earn commissions on the lot, not just on the product you sent them there to view.

As you can see, much of working as an Amazon affiliate is a numbers game. But you can certainly earn a sizeable regular passive income with Amazon if you can get your links in front of a lot of people. There are many Amazon affiliates who are earning fantastic incomes, some very quietly and happily, and who have been doing so for years.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate (Associate)

As an Amazon affiliate, you’re going to be setting up a website (or websites) that is focused on physical products and goods. You’ll write about and review a product(s) and place your Amazon associate links on your site (or sites).

When prospects click on these links they are redirected to the appropriate product pages on Amazon’s website and, if they purchase the product(s) you’ve promoted, you’re paid the commissions for those sales and, of course, on any other products they buy at the same time.

You have to sign-up with and be approved as an Amazon associate first, of course. This isn’t a difficult process but you will have to have a website / blog (your own or a 3rd party site like to show Amazon in order to be approved. They’ll need to see where and how you’ll promote their products and gauge the quality of your website, because they are very protective of the Amazon brand.

But, before you apply and wait for approval from Amazon, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all of the rules and guidelines Amazon has for their Associates. They can be quite strict but are generally pretty fair.

It pays to stick to their rules religiously because they can suspend your site and hold on to any outstanding commissions if they believe you are contravening their terms and conditions. So play fair and stick to their rules and you won’t go wrong.

Which Amazon Products to Promote?

What do you want to promote? We’ve talked about the fact that it can take selling a lot of items through your link to earn a reasonable affiliate income with Amazon.

But there are other ways to earn more. There are some people who focus on bigger ticket items on Amazon and earn a great income that way. Amazon sells things like pricey electronics and even home appliances and such like.

It’s certainly worth looking into. There are many items on sale on Amazon that are over $1,000 so even 5% of that isn’t too shabby, right? And, here’s the thing, it’s no more difficult to sell a $1,000 item than it is to sell a $20 item.

It can be well worth your time to do a little digging. Which products will you be interested in researching and writing about? Will you create several mini product sites or would you rather focus on a larger product site or two?

Look at the competition. You want to know that there are other affiliates out there who are doing a good job with this. If there are Amazon affiliates out there who are in a certain niche or who are promoting certain types of products for months or years and are putting work into their site, it’s a solid bet they are earning with them. Check their rankings.

How to Earn Passively With Amazon Sites

This is all about content. When you build these Amazon websites, you’re building sites that are filled with content that are going to help people with their buying decision.

You’re catching potential buyers who are typing product names or types of products into Google, hoping to find more information about them before they make a purchase.

In other words, they’re near the end of the buying decision process and absolutely prime to promote your product(s) to. They might be looking for product comparisons, helpful reviews, personal opinions, or just a real human to sway them one way or the other. You could be that human.

Put some personality into your content. Set your site apart from others out there. Do what you can to get your site to rank in the search engines. Part of how you do that is by getting a lot of relevant content out there.

If you get a lot of relevant content out about a group of products, type of products, niche, company, product name, etc. (and you’re really, really specific), then you’re going to start to rank for these things in the search engines.

Make it clear that you care about the people who are reading your content. If you do that, then they’ll want to read what you have to say. Always, always, add real value and help them make the right decision for them. They’ll thank you for it.

Throughout your content, use clear pictures and links. Amazon allows you as the associate to use their product pictures throughout your content. They will give you the affiliate links to use as well.

Give people a call to action to click through your links to buy on Amazon. You must tell people that you are an Amazon Associate – Amazon is clear about this. They’ll even give you the exact words to use in this declaration.

Having a lot of clear, informative, helpful content out there, containing your Amazon links, and ranking in Google, is how you earn an excellent passive affiliate income.

Just Getting Started

So, go ahead and get started. Choose your niche and/or product type. Set up your website– your own website. Your blogger website (if you used that method to get approved) should be just a starter. You want to own and have complete control over your website for the longer term. Select a group of 5 or so products and start writing about them and reviewing them.

Interact with your audience. Get involved on social media. Build your site up over time. Really put some elbow grease into this, especially in the beginning.

Don’t move on to another bright shiny object – get traffic and income coming in. Soon enough, the income will be more passive and you can add some content here and there and the site will generate income even if you aren’t giving it your full attention anymore.

This isn’t a difficult method at all. It works just as well as it always has as long as you focus on the people and focus on really high quality content and providing REAL value. Once you have all the moving parts in place, and with just a little ongoing ‘maintenance’, you can sit back and have regular passive paydays.

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